at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, On show from 11th November 2016 

Clare’s new collection is inspired by Newcastle and Gateshead including views along the River Tyne and 'The Angel of the North'.  

For this exhibition Clare has made a series of Drypoint prints, an intaglio printmaking technique that lends itself perfectly to her love of line work. Clare begins by making drawings in her sketchbook, before scratching out her compositions directly onto the printing plate with an etching needle. The ink is then applied which settles into the scratched line and the excess ink is then wiped from the plate leaving only the ink filled drawing.  
Clare then hand paints sheets of paper using watercolour. These are then used for a printmaking technique called chine- collé. This precise and meticulous process allows her to introduce colour to her monochrome pieces. The hand painted sheets of paper are cut up into various shapes and sizes in order to create a patchwork of shapes and forms to depict the scene. It takes many hours to carefully arrange the cut out fragments and tiny pieces of paper, and only when it is finally pulled through the etching press is the colour bonded to the paper and the finished print is revealed. These very limited editions, combined with chine-collé and watercolour make each piece truly unique and handcrafted.